This is the divorce that occurs when both parties have reached an agreement on the measures and ways in which the union will be dissolved. They must sign an act of stipulations and conventions that must contain the general provisions of the parties, who will maintain the custody of the children, if any, where the women will be domiciled while the process is running and alimony terms.

The requirements are:

  • Original of the marriage certificate duly legalized. If the marriage occurred outside of the Dominican Republic, It must be translated into Spanish and Apostilled.
  • Original of the birth certificate of minor children if any, duly legalized. If the child was born outside of the Dominican Republic, it must also be translated into Spanish and Apostilled
  • Photocopy of the identity documents of the parties.
  • Act of stipulations and conventions on assets as whole
  • The couple must have been married for at least two (02) years to apply for a mutual consent divorce
  • The wife cannot be more than fifty years old and the husband not more than sixty.

The ruling of the divorce could be ready in about two (02) months.

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