The fast divorce is procedure instituted especially for foreigners or Dominicans not residing in the country in case of divorce by mutual consent. As in the ordinary procedure the law requires that a formal separation agreement be signed where issues such as: division of common property, custody of the children born within the marriage, and alimony that the husband must pass to his wife during the divorce procedure and minor children. In it, expressly, jurisdiction must be attributed to a judge of first instance, said agreement must be signed before a notary public of the jurisdiction of the domicile of the couple.

The spouses may divorce by mutual consent, if at least one of them appears at the hearing and the other is represented by a special attorney. The spouse who does not appear for the hearing can execute the power of attorney in one of the following ways:

  1. Appear before a Dominican consulate and request a power of attorney for divorce in the Dominican Republic purposes.
  2. Visit a notary public the document must be translated into Spanish and apostilled.

The spouse who appears at the hearing must present an identification document, it could be a document from the country they come from or a Dominican ID.


  1. That the spouses freely and voluntarily choose to grant jurisdiction to a Dominican court for termination of their marriage
  2. That the spouses are residents abroad
  3. That the spouses have been married in other nations or are citizens of other countries

Although this is a 100% legal divorce and anyone can apply for this divorce, in some jurisdiction of the United States and other countries this divorce is not valid, therefore, we strongly recommend before starting this process evaluate this with an attorney in your hometown.

The ruling of this divorce could be ready in a week.

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