The Dominican Republic is open for business; therefore, everyone can incorporate a company in the Dominican Republic to start doing legal businesses, they can also open a branch office or acquire the shares of an existing company.  The Dominican government has no restrictions for non- residents, as long as you have a legal business activity and a valid passport you are able to registry a company.

Requirements to incorporate a Limited Liability Company:

a) Must have valid commerce name

b) Must have no less than two shareholders and no more than fifty

c) Shares must be clearly divided in the bylaws

d) It should have at least one manager

e) Fiscal closing dates available:

  • December 31st
  • June 30th
  • September 30th
  • March 31st

The incorporation is best managed by an attorney in the Dominican Republic who knows the field and has the right expertise dealing residents and non-residents. The first thing to do is to register the name of the company, once the name is approved the bylaws are prepare to be sign by the shareholders, then the attorney should pay the organization tax, to later register the company documents at business registry or cámara de comercio, lastly, the company should be register at the Internal Revenue Agency.

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